Multi Academy Trusts

MATs continue to grow and mature in the current education landscape. With MATs taking a more creative role in delivering education and frequently becoming centres of excellence with a concentration of knowledge in certain area the result is often the creation of great ideas, systems and educational methods. These are then shared across the schools within the MAT and sometimes more broadly in geographical area's. However not all MATs have the business expertise to turn a great idea into a business that can become commercially successful.

Eduvation can support MAT's to turn ideas into business reality with the following support:

  • Business Planning - creating a bsuiness plan that will allow you to take and idea from ideation to business reality
  • Market assessment - where will you sell this and what is the current competition
  • Financial planning - creation of a full financial plan and PnL that will allow you to plan effectively
  • Marketing and Sales Planning - how will you market and sell your product? Eduvation can support you with a full marketing and brand strategy
  • Funding and corporate structure - how to structure your business and seek funding, from seed and angel funding to VC investment