International schools offering UK, US and IB curricula offer excellent growth opportunities for EdTech and Content businesses. The international schools market has grown exponentially over the last decade and offers excellent opportunities for growth.

  • International Schools number have grown from 2584 in the year 2000 to 10,900 in 2019
  • International school fee income has grown from $4.9b in 2000 to $49 billion in 2019

However, not every market is the same and large variations in how to approach each region market exist. Eduvation specialise in strategic market development to ensure sales and marketing can be focused to ensure sustainable growth while providing effective operational guidance for delivery.

Markets also differ on how individual curriculum and types of school are adopted and how each market respond to particular curriculum requirements. Eduvation works closely across all major curricula to provide guidnace for partners on how best to enter markets and build a sustainable customers base.

Whether you are looking to grow your business with IB schools the USA or US curriculum schools in the UAE Eduvation can work with you to develop appropriate strategies for success.