Online Learning and Management Systems

Eduvation have over 14 years experience in managing and developing VLE's, Learning Platforms, e-Portfolios, Portals and Management Information Systems.

This experience has mapped the changing landscape of UK and international systems designed to deliver and support the teaching and learning process and offers a fantastic insight into how teachers, students and parents have used, adopted and developed online learning systems.

The past decade has seen enormous change in the way we all interact with the internet, systems and processes have come and gone, software has in many ways failed to make the difference it promised, however, as systems continue to improve and adapt to the way we all work and the way teachers and students engage we are now entering a second phase of adoption where teachers expect to use technology and students expect to receive information online, instantly and through easily accessible systems. Social learning platforms and mobile devices are learning the way in changing our interaction with each other and with the technology. We are now using the technology to aid our daily lives, to make things easier, quicker, better and above all more effective.