April 2014 - Ongoing - Contract - Senior International Strategy Consultant

Eduvation provide strategic support to Follett international in developing market research and business plans for growth in Emerging Markets across the world in the PreK-12 market sector, specifically looking at International Private schools serving expatriate and local children.

The project focuses on how to increase the sales of core Follett software and services for Library management, print and eBook and Digital Content sales.

Eduvation are well placed to engage the UK Publishing industry and increase Follett's content services to include digital content from leading UK publishers and shape the future of how schools utilise and access learning materials in the future.

Sept 2012 - March 2014 - Contract - Business Development Consultant

As Business Development Consultants Eduvation supported Follett International in the implementation and planning for Follett to enter the UK Management Information System (MIS) market with the Aspen MIS system.

The objective of the contract was to manage UK resale partners and provide a detailed investigation into the UK market with the creation of a comprehensive business plan for Follett to enter the UK market with the possibility to build and manage a UK organisation if we were successful in winning a major bid.

Eduvation provided services to manage partner strategy and work directly with Schools, LA's and Partners to open up and develop the UK market for Follett’s Aspen Management Information System (MIS) and Learning Platform in the K12 schools sector. Follett are a $2.8 billion US based business and Aspen now has over 1 million international users.

The key functions include:

  • Complete 5-year business plan and financial modelling for a full business operation including UK structure, management, service, sales and marketing operations.
  • Partner management (Multiple Technical and Strategic Partners and Resellers including British Telecom and Novatia plc)
  • Sales planning and execution
  • End-to-end bid management for multi-million £ bids
  • Brand and marketing development including, website, awards, social media and print
  • Strategic business planning and consultation
  • Product management
  • Building key relationships with industry influencers and customers and in opening up the UK market to Follett
  • Shortlisting Aspen for BETT Award in 2013 (Aspen MIS) and 2014 (Aspen Mobile)