EdTech Innovators

The EdTech sector in the UK is booming, with more ideas that ever coming forward and companies growing rapidly. Eduvation specialise in business strategy and planning to take start-ups to mature businesses. With huge experience developing businesses in the UK and international K12 education markets, Eduvation can help you take your business to the next level.

Eduvation are working with a number of EdTech providers to support and grow customer development in the UK and International School markets and provide the following services:

  • International market development
  • International and UK partners that can support growth, from sales to operations
  • Product development and planning - what is it that you really need to do to take your product to a broader market?
  • Where to go next - most EdTech products start with a great focus on a niche problem, to successfully grow you need to look at the market more broadly. Whether thats different international curricula like the IB or iGCSE or different geographical markets. Eduvation can help you plan successfully for growth without spending hard to find funding going down blind alleys

See the Consultancy section for more detail on Eduvation Consultancy services or send an email to hello@eduvationconsultants.com to find out more and discuss how we can help you.